Select the right media for specific cell culture needs

Miltenyi Biotec’s cell line–specific media are of the highest quality and have been tested for biopharmaceutical protein production. Quality and consistency are ensured by production according to relevant GMP standards, extensive quality control tests, and documentation. The cell line–specific media portfolio contains a number of different bioprocessing media and supplements that have been developed by Xell AG.


High protein yields and optimal cell growth of Chinese hamster ovary cells

Get the most out of your Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells with Miltenyi Biotec’s CHOMACS CD medium and Feed Supplement. Be assured that you obtain optimal culture conditions for your CHO clones and high protein yields in batch and fed-batch cultures. The advantages of our CHOMACS CD medium include:

  • Optimal results due to a chemically defined and protein-free composition
  • Extended production capability of CHO cultures
  • Maximum protein yields
The relative viable cell density (VCD) attained by CHO-K1 in a variety of commercially available specialty media. * CHOMACS CD medium
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Optimized cell growth

Every CHO clone is different and your clones deserve only the best. Miltenyi Biotec has developed CHOMACS CD medium to optimize cell growth. In comparison to media
from other providers, CHOMACS CD medium shows increased relative viable cell density (VCD).


Viable cell density (VCD), cell viability, and relative product concentration assayed during the fed-batch culture of CHO rDG44 cells over a period of 17 days in CHOMACS CD medium.
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Improved protein yields

The CHOMACS Feed Supplement is a concentrated solution of essential vitamins and amino acids that, when added as required to CHOMACS CD medium, increases total protein yield from fed-batch cultures by process extension. 

HybriMACS CD medium

New cultivation medium and feed supplement for hybridoma cells

Hybridoma cells love it, and you will, too. Our new HybriMACS CD Medium and Feed Supplement guarantee high-performance cell growth and high-yield production of antibodies for your hybridoma cells. Test it out today and see the thriving results for yourself.

  • Optimized cultivation of hybridoma cell lines
  • High-yield production of monoclonal antibodies
  • Reproducible results due to chemically defined and protein-free composition
Viable cell density assayed during batch culture in shaker flasks, fed-batch culture in shaker flasks and fed-batch culture in a bioreactor of hybridoma cells. 
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Optimized hybridoma cell growth and antibody yields

HybriMACS CD medium and HybriMACS Feed Supplement are specially designed to optimize hybridoma cell growth and productivity. They support long-term, high-yield production of monoclonal antibodies in suspension culture.

Antibody titers attained by different cultivation systems using hybridoma cells cultured in HybriMACS CD medium and HybriMACS Feed Supplement.
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High-quality formulation for hybridoma cell cultivation

Due to their chemically defined, animal component-free, protein-free, and ready-to-use composition, HybriMACS CD medium and HybriMACS Feed Supplement can be conveniently used for hybridoma cell culture. Thy are compatible with both, small-scale or batch cultivation, in research or manufacturing applications.

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