MACSima antibody panels for ultra high content imaging: From chaos to order

  • Pre-defined and ready-to-use antibody panels for MICS  
  • Maximum reproducibility and minimal error
  • Validated and optimized for FFPE- or PFA-fixed human or mouse samples

REAscreen Antibody Panels are pre-defined and ready-to-use 96-well plates containing dried antibody-fluorochrome conjugates for convenient and standardized ultra high content imaging in the MACSima Imaging System using MICS technology.  

Pre-defined REAscreen Antibody Panels

There’s no need to pipet your antibody panel: REAscreen Antibody Panels come with pre-titrated, dried antibody conjugates that are resuspended and processed in a fully automated manner inside the MACSima Instrument. They are designed to plug and play, thereby saving time and cutting out any chance of human pipetting error. By equipping them with our latest sophisticated recombinant antibody technologies, such as REAdye_lease™, REAlease® and REAfinity™ Antibodies, these panel kits will support your ultra high content analyses with reproducible results.  

REAscreen Antibody Panels will be available in different variations to best fit your scope of research:

REAscreen MAX Antibody Panels

Miltenyi Biotec has the industry’s largest portfolio of recombinant antibodies for iterative fluorescent staining in imaging applications. Using REAscreen MAX Antibody Panels, you can stain every marker that can be detected with our portfolio in a convenient plug-and-play fashion. Containing one fluorochrome-conjugated antibody per marker, we can help you streamline your ultra high content imaging experiment, regardless of whether you are using FFPE- or PFA-fixed human or PFA-fixed mouse samples. Each panel version contains a different number of validated fluorochrome conjugates specific to your species and fixation method of interest. 

This truly non-biased approach eliminates tedious pipetting to allow you to discover exciting and unexpected sample details using specifically validated conjugates that competitors’ panels simply cannot uncover. Extract as much information as you can from precious and rare samples whilst leaving them functional for further downstream applications. 

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