MBTP 37: Immunophenotyping of neonatal cardiomyocytes from mouse using flow cytometry

Miltenyi Biotec-tested panel 37 (MBTP 37)

This application protocol describes the characterization of distinct neonatal cardiomyocyte (CM) subtypes (atrial and ventricular) from mouse using flow cytometry. 


Flow cytometry analysis of enriched neonatal mouse CMs. Neonatal mouse CMs were isolated from dissociated whole hearts or individually dissociated chambers using the Neonatal Cardiomyocyte Isolation Kit, mouse. The cells were labeled with Cardiac Troponin T Antibody-FITC, MLC2a Antibody-VioBlue, and MLC2v Antibody-APC after enrichment and analyzed by flow cytometry using the MACSQuant Analyzer 10. CM subtypes were characterized by differential expression of MLC2a (in atrial CMs, A-C) and MLC2v (in ventricular CMs, D-F).


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