Automation meets cell separation: primary cells for any drug discovery assay

Whether you are performing killing assays, immunophenotyping of TILs, characterizing the tumor microenvironment, or investigating immunogenicity, primary cells are essential for the discovery of new therapeutics. Conclusive and relevant assay results depend on reliable sample processing, including cell separation and tumor dissociation. We have developed flexible automated solutions for primary cell isolation from various starting materials to ensure the best fit for every drug discovery program. Join us to learn about the best combination of cell isolation instruments and reagents for your research. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Efficient and reproducible automated isolation of primary cells  
  2. Use of primary cells in drug discovery assays 

Presenter: Lotta Räty, Miltenyi Biotec, Germany  

This webinar took place on July, 2019.


Automation meets cell separation – Primary cell isolation for drug discovery assays

Primary cell separation and isolation are essential for drug discovery: conclusive assays can benefit from flexible, automated instruments and reagents.