CAR T cell analysis training

This 2-day training at the Miltenyi Biotec training facility is composed of theoretical and practical sections. It includes training documentation, usage of laboratory equipment and reagents, as well as hotel accommodation. A certificate is issued after successful completion of an exam. 

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy is one of the major new developments in cancer therapy, documented by recent successes of CAR T cell therapy in fighting hematologic malignancies. The great potential of genetically modified T cells targeting diseased cells now even expands into the area of solid tumors and infectious diseases. In the manufacturing process of engineered T cells, the flow cytometric analysis of the final CAR T cell product is an essential step that ensures quality requirements. 

This course provides hands-on experience for detecting and analyzing CAR T cell products using CAR T Cell Express Modes on the MACSQuant® Analyzer. Express Modes are standardized data analysis tools that are optimized to automate flow cytometric measurements and analyses via predefined experiment settings, acquisition, and automated gating. The CAR T cell analysis training covers all instrument setup and basic handling steps needed to successfully operate CAR T Cell Express Modes on the MACSQuant® Analyzer. This training is designed for users*, who will perform CAR T cell analysis only on a MACSQuant Analyzer.  


Course lectures, exercises, and lab parts include:

  • Introduction of MACSQuant Analyzer instruments  
  • Compensation and calibration  
  • Introduction of CAR T Cell Express Modes  
  • Features of the 21CRFPart11-compliant MACSQuantify™ Software  
  • Sample preparation, data acquisition, and analysis using CAR T Cell Express Modes  
  • Basic troubleshooting 

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the principles of CAR T Cell Express Modes  
  • Designing, performing, and analyzing a multiparameter flow cytometry experiment using CAR T Cell Express Modes

*Potential MACSQuant Analyzer key users, who will utilize the instrument for additional assays and flow experiments, are recommended to attend the MACSQuant Analyzer instrument training before attending this specific CAR T cell analysis training.  


MACS Academy location and training dates

Bergisch Gladbach/Cologne, Germany

Auburn, CA, USA

  • No available training dates at the moment. Please check back later.


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