Kits and support reagents

Flow cytometry kits and support reagents

  • Simplified flow cytometry with intuitive kits and support reagents
  • Unique assays that enable the staining of viable cytokine-secreting cells
  • Ready-to-use cocktails for the phenotypic characterization of cells

Miltenyi Biotec is a leading supplier of flow cytometry products, offering one of the broadest portfolios of antibodies, kits and, support reagents available. MACS® Flow Cytometry kits allow flow cytometry users to perform sophisticated analyses right from the start. All kits have been optimized to achieve reproducible results, saving valuable experiment set-up time and assay costs. Support reagents include instrument support reagents, sample preparation reagents, fluorescence amplification reagents, and a broad range of kits to check cell viability and cell labeling, as well as antibody conjugation and cell staining kits. Use the product finder below to identify the product that best suits your needs.

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