Premium- and research-grade cytokines

Cytokines with lot-specific activity for reliable cell culture results

  • No lot-to-lot testing needed, saving time and cost
  • Apply the same amount of active cytokine every time for reproducible results
  • Efficient reagent usage without the need for oversaturation

Premium-grade cytokines offer the convenience of well-defined biological activities, which are normalized to reference standards provided by the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) utilizing international units per mg (IU/mg). Thereby, they allow for exact unit dosing and eliminate laborious pre-testing. Lot-specific biological activities are available upon request.

Premium-grade cytokines share major characteristics with MACS® GMP Cytokines, such as low endotoxin content and high purity, which makes them perfectly suited for relevant pre-clinical studies. In addition, we offer a huge portfolio of research-grade cytokines that enable reliable research with human, mouse, and rat cells. 

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Simplify your cytokine measurements via flow cytometry using MACSPlex Cytokine Assays

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