Type of antibody:
Primary antibodies
hamster IgG1κ
Alternative names:
TNFRSF8, Ki, Ki-1

Specifications for CD30 Antibody, anti-mouse


Clone mCD30.1 recognizes mouse CD30, a 105 kDa type I transmembrane glycoprotein, also known as tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 8 (TNFRSF8). CD30 is a cell membrane protein. The cytoplasmic tail has been shown to interact with tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 5 (TRAF5), TRAF1, TRAF2, and TRAF3. CD30 is expressed on the cell surface of activated T, B, and NK cells, and monocytes. The ligand for CD30 is CD153. CD153 co-stimulates peripheral blood T-cell proliferation or apoptosis, induces surface expression of activation and adhesion molecules (e.g., CD54, CD80, and CD86), and induces cytokine (e.g., interleukin 2, tumor necrosis factor, and interferon γ) secretion. Deletion of the murine CD30 gene revealed that CD30 may have a unique role in negative thymic selection following exposure to antigen.

Alternative names

TNFRSF8, Ki, Ki-1

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Technical specifications

Isotypehamster IgG1κ
Type of antibodyPrimary antibodies
Alternative names of antigenTNFRSF8, Ki, Ki-1
Molecular mass of antigen [kDa]51,4
Distribution of antigenB cells, monocytes, NK cells, T cells
Entrez Gene ID21941
RRIDAB_2657113, AB_2657114, AB_2657115, AB_2657116, AB_2657117, AB_2657112

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References for CD30 Antibody, anti-mouse


  1. Bowen, M. A. et al. (1996) Structure and expression of murine CD30 and its role in cytokine production. J Immunol 156(2): 442-449
  2. Ansieau, S. et al. (1996)
    Tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor (TRAF)-1, TRAF-2, and TRAF-3 interact
    in vivo
    with the CD30 cytoplasmic domain; TRAF-2 mediates CD30-induced nuclear factor kappa B activation.
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 93(24): 14053-14058
  3. Aizawa, S. et al. (1997) Tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor (TRAF) 5 and TRAF2 are involved in CD30-mediated NFkappaB activation. J. Biol. Chem. 272(4): 2042-2045

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