Achieve new heights in your genomic analysis

Achieve new heights in your genomic analysis

You can greatly increase the reliability of your genomic analysis results by improving the quality of your starting material. Regardless of the type of cellular samples you work with, we provide gentle and automated techniques for optimal preparation of cells prior to genomic analysis. 

Discover our workflow solutions below to achieve new heights and obtain the best possible genomic data from your samples for any application, including tumor research, neuroscience, or drug and biomarker discovery.

Workflow solutions for the preparation of cells prior to genomic analysis


Tissue storage

Storage of solid tissues in MACS® Tissue Storage Solution

When working with solid tissues, the state of collected samples needs to be preserved until further processing. MACS Tissue Storage Solution prevents cellular stress responses to uphold tissue quality and enable reliable genomic analysis.

  • Convenient storage for at least 48 h at 2–8 °C
  • Prevents induction of apoptosis and necrosis
  • Preserves cellular composition, phenotype, and functionality of cells
  • Prevents upregulation of cellular stress-related genes

Cell preparation

Preparation of cells from solid tissues with gentleMACS™ Technology

Preparation of solid tissues into single-cell suspensions is the most critical step in single-cell genomics. gentleMACS Technology ensures the retrieval of viable cells with preserved cellular composition to allow for reliable genomic analysis.

  • Fully automated tissue dissociation using the gentleMACS Octo Dissociator with Heaters
  • Multiple MACS Tissue Dissociation Kits with optimized protocols for the gentle and efficient generation of viable single-cell suspensions
  • Highly pure enzymes preserve cell surface epitopes for target cell isolation or analysis
  • Standardized procedures for reproducible results 

Sample clean up

Sample clean up with our removal reagents

High cell viability is a key prerequisite to obtain accurate and reliable data when performing single-cell genomic analyses, especially when analyzing the transcriptome. During sample clean up, dead cells, debris, erythrocytes, and cell aggregates are removed from samples to achieve the best possible genomic analysis results.

  • Multiple solutions to increase the viability and recovery of nucleated cells
  • Removal of cell aggregates with MACS SmartStrainers
  • Efficient depletion of dead cells with Dead Cell Removal Kit
  • Optimized removal of debris with Debris Removal Solution

Target cell isolation

Target cell isolation using MACS Technology

Isolation of target cells significantly increases the sensitivity of NGS or single-cell genomic analysis and decreases costs by avoiding sequencing of non-target cells. MACS Technology allows for fast, gentle, and straightforward target cell isolation while preventing cellular stress responses to achieve reliable genomic analysis.  

  • Minimal changes in gene expression with fast and gentle immunomagnetic cell separation solutions
  • High purities of isolated cells both from tissue and blood samples reduce sequencing costs
  • Direct isolation of PBMCs and isolated cell populations from whole blood samples, without toxic effects from lysis or density gradient media
  • Automated solutions to upscale, standardize, and speed up immunomagnetic cell separation for reproducible results

Cell sorting

Target cell sorting using the MACSQuant® Tyto®

Multi-parameter cell sorting can be stressful for cells and is a possible cause of genetic changes that could distort genomic analysis. The MACSQuant Tyto enables gentle multi-parameter target cell isolation and minimizes cellular stress prior to genomic analysis.

  • High purity, high-speed cell sorting based on multiple parameters with simultaneous depletion of dead cells and debris
  • Gentle, microchip-based cell sorting technology, resulting in samples of the highest quality
  • Closed and sterile sorting environment, eliminating the risk of sample contamination and carry-over
  • Strong cell concentration during the sorting process, potentially avoiding subsequent centrifugation steps

Quality control

Quality control with MACSQuant Analyzers

Including a quality control step before proceeding with genomic analysis maximizes data quality and saves time and costs. Reach higher sample standards by performing an accurate cell count and determining target cell viability and purity using MACSQuant Analyzers. 

  • Automated flow cytometry–based quality control, including cell count and viability determination
  • Absolute volumetric cell counting without the need of counting beads with every sample
  • Auto-labeling function for fully automated and hands-free sample processing
  • Express Modes for convenient and reproducible data analysis

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