StainExpress™ Dry Antibody Cocktails for convenient flow cytometry panels 

Antibody panel design and preparation of liquid antibody cocktails from single reagents is a time-consuming and error-prone process. StainExpress Dry Antibody Cocktails enable you to skip tedious pipetting steps and obtain reliable and consistent results through increased assay standardization. Carefully dried down onto the bottom of flow cytometry tubes, they ensure long-term antibody-conjugate stability at room temperature and facilitate inventory management. These multicolor panels are tested by our R&D experts and optimized for clinical assays, e.g. IPC/QC during cell manufacturing and patient monitoring research. Exclusively composed of REAfinity™ Recombinant Antibodies, StainExpress Dry Antibody Cocktails offer background-free analysis and superior lot-to-lot consistency.

StainExpress: what matters is what’s inside 

In particular, clinical assays  benefit from dry antibody cocktails that ensure consistent and comparable results for reliable release testing of manufactured cell products and sensitive monitoring research during treatment.

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