MultiMACS™ Cell24 Separator Plus

Multisample processing for efficient cell isolation from large samples

  • Functional design for large sample or cell numbers 
  • Convenient and flexible handling with touchscreen interface 
  • Compatible with any starting material and cell separation strategy

The MultiMACS Cell24 Separator Plus was specifically developed for simultaneous multisample magnetic cell separations using MACS®  Technology. In combination with MACS MicroBeads and MACS Cell Isolation Kits, this instrument can be used to isolate a wide variety of cell types or deplete specific cells. It gives reliable and standardized results for semi-automated workflows.

MultiMACS Cell24 Separator Plus

The MultiMACS™ Cell24 Separator Plus is designed for the convenient performance of any positive or untouched isolation using MACS Cell Separation Reagents, including StraightFrom® Microbeads. Separations can be performed with the Multi-24 Column Block or with up to 12 LS, LD or Whole Blood Columns in combination with the Single-Column Adapter.

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