An introduction to immuno-oncology at Miltenyi Biotec 

Live webinar

This introduction webinar will provide you with an overview of the general immuno-oncology (IO) research field and how we as experts at Miltenyi Biotec can assist your IO research. We want to collaborate with you.  
Our broad spectrum of IO solutions, workflows and products can help you to advance your research, whether you are studying antigen-specific T cells, CAR T cells, therapeutic antibodies or TILs. We aim to provide you with a valuable source of information for every scientist in the fields of IO, cancer research and immune therapy. 

There will be time for questions and discussion after the 45 min presentation.

Sessions (choice of two dates)

March 18, 2020
Berlin, Germany (GMT+01:00)  − 10:00 AM CET
New York, NY, USA (GMT-04:00)  − 5:00 AM EDT
San Francisco, CA, USA (GMT-07:00) − 2:00 AM PST

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March 19, 2020
Berlin, Germany (GMT+01:00)  − 7:00 PM CET
New York, NY, USA (GMT-04:00)  − 2:00 PM EDT
San Francisco, CA, USA (GMT-07:00) − 11:00 AM PST

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About the presenter

Marcello Stein Ph.D. received his doctoral degree in immunology from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany in 2011. After two years of post-doctoral studies at the Department of Immune Modulation, University Hospital Erlangen, and three years as Product Manager Life Science at Peqlab Biotechnologie GmbH/VWR International AG, Dr. Stein joined Miltenyi Biotec as Global Product Manager and Group Leader for immunology T cells in the marketing department. His team focuses primarily on the T cell research product portfolio, as well as covering workflows for CAR T cell research, antigen-specific T cells and regulatory T cells.

Marcello Stein, Miltenyi Biotec