MACSmolecular separators

MACS® Separators for manual isolation of viruses and biomolecules

  • High-yield purification of mRNA, proteins, or viruses for sensitive analysis
  • Isolation of large molecule complexes to study protein-protein or protein-DNA interaction
  • In-column enzymatic reactions i.e. cDNA synthesis after mRNA isolation

The µMACS™ and thermoMACS™ Separators are designed for virus or biomolecule separation when used with MACS® Columns and MACS® MicroBeads. Even for large protein complexes, they enable gentle purification when labeled with superparamagnetic MACS MicroBeads. The thermoMACS Separator is capable of heating samples in the column to 37 °C or 42 °C facilitating in-column enzymatic reactions i.e. cDNA synthesis after mRNA isolation. As no tube-to-tube transfer is needed, high recovery is ensured.

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