mRNA research

Innovative products for sensitive gene expression profiling

  • Gene expression profiling down to a single cell
  • Isolation of pure cDNA from cells in only 90 minutes
  • Flexible processing solutions ranging from manual,
    over automated or low-throughput, to high throughput
Miltenyi Biotec offers a wide range of gene expression profiling solutions. Innovative products are available for mRNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, cDNA labeling, and amplification to ensure reliable PCR, real-time PCR, or microarrays experiments. Use our µMACS™ System for manual, low-throughput applications or easily upgrade to fully automated high-throughput settings with our MultiMACS™ System. For in situ hybridization assays check out our EasyProbe Transcription Templates for easy preparation of high-quality, sequence-verified RNA probes.
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