Consistent dry antibody cocktails for 
flow cytometry assays

StainExpress™ Dry Antibody Cocktails are preformulated multicolor panels increasing assay simplicity and reproducibility in flow cytometry. Explore the complete workflow solution for cell therapy analytical assays and discover the unique benefits of our dried reagents.


The StainExpress Workflow: fast, easy, and error-free

Comparison of the conventional workflow and StainExpress Dry Antibody Cocktails.

StainExpress Dry Antibody Cocktails are preformulated multicolor panels dried onto the bottom of standard flow cytometry tubes. Time-consuming panel design and optimization, as well as tedious pipetting of single reagents into a liquid cocktail, are no longer required. Simply adding the sample into the StainExpress Tube leads to a tremendous time saving compared with a liquid single antibody staining. 

StainExpress Tubes are barcoded which allows you to automate the entry of sample details, data acquisition, and analysis with the “CAR T cell Express Mode” software feature on MACSQuant® Analyzer flow cytometers saving even more hands-on time. StainExpress Kits not only jumpstart and accelerate your cell therapy analysis but also eliminate multiple manual handling steps preventing human error and operator variability, which is crucial when working with precious samples and seeking to achieve multi-center and inter-trial comparability of results.

StainExpress Kits are made of our unique REAfinity™ Recombinant Antibodies providing high lot-to-lot consistency and minimizing non-specific background signals. 

Learn how REAfinity Recombinant Antibodies increase reproducibility and simplify your assay here


Staining and flow cytometric analysis using StainExpress

Optimal staining results with StainExpress

Leverage from the extensive testing and optimization by our R&D experts. See for yourself how the StainExpress Immune Cell Composition Cocktail enables you to reliably distinguish leukocyte subsets in human blood, leukapheresis products, PBMCs, or other single-cell suspensions. It can be used in a variety of applications, e.g., determination of cell counts and population subsets during CAR T cell manufacturing procedures.

Example staining of human blood cell populations using StainExpress Immune Cell Composition Cocktail.
A) Debris exclusion
B) Leukocytes
C) Viable cells
D) T cells
E) T and NKT cells
F) CD4 and CD8 subpopulations among T cells
G) Monocytes and B cells
H) Eosinophils and neutrophils

Whole blood from a healthy donor was stained with the StainExpress Immune Cell Composition Cocktail. Staining was carried out for 10 minutes at room temperature (19−25 °C). Subsequently, red blood cells were lysed by incubation with 1× Red Blood Cell Lysis Solution at room temperature for 15 minutes. Cells were analyzed by flow cytometry using the MACSQuant Analyzer 10. To exclude debris, a gate was set on FSC versus SSC encompassing all cells (A). To exclude residual erythrocytes and to identify leukocytes, CD45 was used to gate on CD45+ leukocytes (B), and dead cells were excluded by 7-AAD (C). CD3+ cells were identified (D) and discriminated into T cells and NKT cells based on the expression of CD56 (E). T cells were further divided into CD4+ and CD8+ T cells (F). Among CD3 cells, monocytes were defined by CD14 expression and B cells by CD19 expression (G). The remaining CD14 /CD19 cells were further divided into SSChigh / CD16 eosinophils, SSChigh / CD16+ neutrophils, and SSClow / CD56+ / CD16+ cells (H).

StainExpress Dry Antibody Cocktails are fully compatible with Miltenyi Biotec´s CAR Detection Reagents detectable in the PE channel.

Flexible CAR detection with the StainExpress CAR T Transduction Cocktail

The StainExpress CAR T Transduction Cocktail is the ideal tool to evaluate transduction efficiency during CAR T cell manufacturing and identify CAR+ T cells by flow cytometry. Specifically designed for CAR T cells, it is fully compatible and tested with Miltenyi Biotec´s CAR Detection Reagents labeled with either PE or Biotin. Choose the right reagent to fit your CAR construct and simply pipette it in with your sample. If you choose a biotin-labeled option, you can easily add one step to the protocol and readily detect it with the help of PE-labeled Biotin antibodies (clone: REA746). 

Explore our solutions for precise and consistent CAR staining in flow cytometry here.

StainExpress Kits are compatible with our “CAR T Cell Express Mode Package“ and enable automatic handling.

Fully automated acquisition and analysis with Express Modes

Express Modes are unique add-on features for the MACSQuantify™ Software. Developed to simplify flow cytometric analyses, they provide full software automation via predefined experiment settings, acquisition, and automated analysis. Gating parameters are automatically adjusted for each data file to achieve optimal results. Express Modes minimize human error and biased gating decisions and therefore ensure reproducibility. Data analysis using Express Modes can be easily integrated into standardized operating procedures (SOPs). 

StainExpress Kits are compatible with our “CAR T Cell Express Mode Package“ and help you achieve robust results with the push of a button! Explore this unique technology here.

Step-by-step protocol
Determination of immune cell composition and CAR T cells from a CliniMACS Prodigy® CAR T Cell manufacturing process

Discover our step-by-step protocol with written and visual instructions for the determination of immune cell composition and CAR T cells from a CliniMACS Prodigy CAR T Cell manufacturing process using StainExpress Dry Antibody Cocktails.


Consistent results with StainExpress: dried vs. liquid reagents

Equivalence testing of dry and liquid antibodies (Immune Cell Composition Cocktail). 

Comparison of dried and liquid reagents

Our StainExpress Dry Antibody Cocktails are dried down in a special process with particular caution to preserve optimal staining performance and give equivalent results compared to liquid antibody cocktails.

Stability testing: Dry versus liquid reagents.

Long-term stability at room temperature

The dried format of the StainExpress Kits ensures antibody cocktail storage for one year at room temperature with stable and comparable results. Liquid antibody cocktails are only kept for a short or at least shorter time than dried products and require refrigeration space to decelerate conjugate degradation. Additionally, StainExpress Kits facilitate inventory management drastically. In contrast to a multitude of single antibodies, StainExpress Stock can be tracked easily and you can work with the same lot over prolonged periods, saving time for cocktail re-validation. 


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