REAlease Support Kit

REAlease Support Kit

The REAlease Support Kit has been developed for the removal of fluorochrome-conjugated REAlease Antibodies. The kit includes REAlease Release Reagent for removal and REAlease Stop Reagent for relabeling with REAlease Releasable Antibodies.

Background information

The REAlease® Fluorochrome Technology relies on recombinantly engineered antibody fragments (REAlease Complex) which are characterized by low epitope binding affinities and no binding to Fc receptors. First, cells are labeled with a fluorchrome-conjugated REAlease Complex. Then, the REAlease Complex can be removed from the cell surface by the addition of the REAlease Release Reagent. Cells are washed using the REAlease Stop Reagent and can now be relabeled with different fluorochrome-conjugated REAlease Complexes.
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