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The MACSQuant
is a next generation, benchtop cell sorter equipped with 3 lasers, which allows for high speed, 10-parameter cell sorting. A unique feature of the instrument is the fact that the actual sorting process takes place exclusively within a single-use, disposable, and fully closed system: the MACSQuant Tyto Cartridge. The closed cartridge provides full operator safety and eliminates the risk of sample contamination and carry-over. The easy “plug and play” format of the instrument, combined with fully automated flow control, laser alignment, and valve timing, makes cell sorting accessible to any lab professional, without intensive training.
Equipped with three lasers (405, 488, 638 nm), two scatters (back scatter, side scatter), and eight fluorescent channels, the MACSQuant Tyto is the ideal instruments for rapid, truly walk-away, multi-color cell sorting. With its extremely compact design, the MACSQuant Tyto is a true benchtop instrument that perfectly fits into a typical lab environment.
The heart of the Tyto-system is the MACSQuant Tyto Cartridge, a single-use disposable carrying the actual sorting micro-chip. Unlike on conventional droplet sorters, no fluidic tubing is present in the system. Additionally, cells sorted by the MACSQuant Tyto do not experience high sorting pressure or charge and do not get decompressed. Instead, the instrument applies a very mild and constant, filtered-air pressure (< 3 psi) onto the cell sample loaded into the MACSQuant Tyto Cartridge. This mild air pressure drives the cells through the microchip for sorting and subsequently either into the positive or negative sorting chamber (two-way-sorting).
The lack of fluidic tubing in the system means that fluidics start-up and stabilization and cleaning procedures are no longer required, saving operator-time and reducing costs.
With a maximum flow rate of 55.000 cells/second and 30.000 valve actuations/second, the MACSQuant Tyto delivers uncompromised sorting speed in the presence of a fully closed system.
The chamber of the instrument, where the MACSQuant Tyto Cartridge is located during sorting, can be cooled to 4 °C, providing optimal conditions to remain cell viability and functionality.
The MACSQuant Tyto standard equipment includes an external 32-inch monitor for convenient data analysis. At the click of a button, you’ll have worldwide, 24-hour remote support. Our live support service allows the user to directly interact with MACSQuant Application Specialists in real time. Your dedicated Support Specialist can review your software setup and take control over the instrument to resolve any issues if desired.

Technical data

Technical data


MACSQuant Tyto: Microchip-based cell sorting in a fully closed cartridge system

Find out more about cell sorting on the MACSQuant Tyto: It’s simple, it’s gentle, it’s sterile. This video explains step by step how the unique sorting mechanism within the MACSQuant Tyto Cartridge works.

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