CD8 antibodies, human

CD8 antibodies, human

Clone: BW135/80 Fab | Dilution: 1:11
Clone BW135/80 Fab recognizes the human CD8 antigen which is strongly expressed on human cytotoxic T cells and thymocytes, and is also expressed on a subset of NK cells. The CD8 antigen is a disulfide-linked dimer that exists either as a CD8α homodimer or as a CD8α/β heterodimer. CD8 acts as a co-receptor for the T cell receptor and binds to the MHC class I molecule. The CD8 antibody recognizes the α-subunit of the antigen. Clone BW135/80 Fab is a clone BW135/80-derived Fab fragment of the full antibody molecule.
Additional information: Clone BW135/80 Fab displays negligible binding to Fc receptors.

Alternative names

Leu-2, Ly-2, CD8a, MAL, p32, Cd8b1, LY3, Lyt3, P37, CD8b

Technical specifications

  • Antigen: CD8
  • Clone: BW135/80 Fab
  • Alternative names of antigen: Leu-2, Ly-2, CD8a, MAL, p32, Cd8b1, LY3, Lyt3, P37, CD8b
  • Entrez Gene ID: 925
  • Molecular mass of antigen [kDa]: 45
  • Cross-reactivity:
    rhesus monkey (
    Macaca mulatta
    cynomolgus monkey (
    Macaca fascicularis
  • Distribution of antigen: T cells, dendritic cells, NK cells, red blood cells, thymocytes
  • Product format: Reagents are supplied in buffer containing stabilizer and 0.05% sodium azide.
  • Fixation: Cells should be stained prior to fixation, if formaldehyde is used as a fixative.
  • Storage: Store protected from light at 2–8 °C. Do not freeze.
  • Available conjugates: PE
  • Selected references

    1. Jonker, M. et al. (1989) Reactivity of mAb specific for human CD markers with rhesus monkey leucocytes. Oxford, Oxford University Press (Leukocyte Typing IV): 1058-1063
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