Anti-Mouse IgG2a+b MicroBeads

Anti-Mouse IgG2a+b MicroBeads

Anti-Mouse IgG2a+b MicroBeads can be used for magnetic labeling and subsequent separation of cells where the primary antibody is of the mouse IgG2a or IgG2b isotype. They can also be used for direct positive selection or depletion of mouse B cells expressing IgG2a or IgG2b on their surface.


Anti-Mouse IgG2a+b MicroBeads have been utilized for the separation of human T cell subsets
as well as for the enrichment of fetal erythrocytes
, epithelial tumor cells
, or bovine leukocytes


For positive selection: MS, LS, XS, or autoMACS
Columns. For depletion: LD, D, or autoMACS Columns.
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