Human CNTF

Human CNTF

CNTF stands for ciliary neurotrophic factor, also termed membrane-associated neurotransmitter stimulating factor (MANS). Human CNTF is a recombinant protein optimized for use in cell culture, differentiation studies, and functional assays.


Human CNTF may be used for a variety of applications, including:
  • Survival factor for neurons and oligodendrocytes.
  • Promotion of neurotransmitter synthesis and neurite outgrowth in neuronal populations including astrocytes.
  • Growth promotion of parasympathetic neurons and sympathetic, sensory, and spinal motor neurons in vitro .
  • Differentiation of progenitor cells in oligodendrocytes or astrocytes.

Background information

Ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF), also known as membrane-associated neurotransmitter stimulating factor (MANS), is a potent neural factor that was initially purified from chick embryo ocular tissue. In terms of neuronal specificity CNTF overlaps with neurotrophins, although its cellular localisation, receptor structure, and signaling pathway are distinct from those of the neurotrophin family. The CNTFα receptor has been localized to skeletal muscles and to the nervous system. One receptor subunit is known as gp130 which is also a component of receptors for the leukaemia inhibitory factor (LIF), interleukin 6 (IL-6), interleukin 11 (IL-11), and oncostatin M (OSM). CNTF is present in normal peripheral nerves, localised mainly in the cytoplasm of myelin-associated Schwann cells as well as astrocytes in the central nervous system. It promotes the survival of neurons and oligodendrocytes as well as sensory neurons, motor neurons, basal forebrain neurons, and type 2 astrocytes. CNTF is highly conserved across species and exhibits cross-species activity.

Quality description

cytokines are suitable for a wide variety of cell culture applications. They are sterile-filtered prior to lyophilization. Generally, endotoxin levels are <0.1 ng/μg (<1 EU/μg), and purities are >95%. The biological activity is tested in appropriate bioassays.

Biological activity

  • Proliferation of human TF-1 cells
  • research grade: ≥ 6.6×
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