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Rethink your antibodies

It’s been an inconvenient truth quietly acknowledged for more than a decade that antibodies are in large part responsible for the Reproducibility Crisis. But antibodies are the workhorses of any biological laboratory , their use spanning flow cytometry, imaging, cell separation and more to deliver deep insights into cellular features and functions. The aftermath of irreproducible results can still be felt today, so what's to be done?

We believe you deserve better. Thankfully, not all antibodies are created equal. Lack of reproducibility is not a necessary evil.

Build your experiments around the best, reproducible, extensively validated antibodies first and foremost, and the results will follow! 

Why should you rethink your antibodies?

  • Do you want results that are reproducible over years, by you or by anybody else, anywhere?
  • Do you want results that are more precise, less ambiguous, and which allow you to make more penetrating insights and powerful conclusions?
  • Do you want your hard work to stand the test of time?

Then start thinking of antibodies as they should be thought of: as the glue which holds your research together, as the humble yet critical foundation of every discovery you make, as the rocket fuel which propels your research further, faster!

Miltenyi Biotec’s recombinant antibody technology for flow cytometry applications 

  • Offers high purity and lot-to-lot consistency for greater reproducibility
  • Eliminates tedious and costly Fc receptor blocking steps
  • Uses one universal isotype control for convenience and cost savings
  • Are validated for hundreds of different applications, with more published regularly 

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It´s crucially important for us, that we have high-quality reagents to minimize variation between experiments.
Dr. James Hutchinson, MB BChir, Ph.D.
Department of Surgery 
University Hospital Regensburg,

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