Team profiles at Miltenyi Biotec

Together we can take science and medicine to the next level

Miltenyi Biotec is a rapidly growing, market-leading biotechnology company with a global scope. We offer custom-made careers and provide the perfect platform for new talent and experienced professionals. 

Our careers value chain offers opportunities in research, production, sales, and business support. Demanding and highly attractive jobs await IT specialists, software developers, technical assistants, and marketing professionals, as well as scientists and engineers in a variety of specializations.

Below, you can scan the profiles of professionals at Miltenyi Biotec, who are working on revolutionizing the therapy of severe diseases.

Technical Engineering

Are you a brilliant technical engineer? Find out what Miltenyi Biotec has to offer you and explore open positions!

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Are you a visionary scientist? Find out what Miltenyi Biotec has to offer you and explore open positions!

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Marketing & sales professionals

Do you want to become a Marketing or Sales Professional? Find out what Miltenyi Biotec has to offer you and explore open positions.

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IT professionals

You are a fantastic IT Professional? Find out how you can make an impact to our vision “Make Cancer History” with your IT skills and explore our open positions!

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Corporate roles

  • Qualifications in finance, human resources, legal, business process management
  • Careers in recruitment, financial controlling, purchasing, and facility management
  • By designing innovative processes, we generate structures that will build on our commercial success
  • Defining concepts for creating a working environment with an international scope

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What is your vision?

We may come from different countries and speak different languages, but there is something that can bring us together: the universal language of science. And when it comes to translating basic science to cell therapy, Miltenyi Biotec is our personal dictionary. Bring your vision to reality!

Your career at Miltenyi Biotec

Check out the different career level below to find your take-off point at Miltenyi Biotec.

Apprenticeships (Ausbildung)

ENGLISH – Miltenyi Biotec offers challenging and exciting apprenticeships in seven different professions. You can expect a chance to develop your own sense of responsibility and be asked to contribute your own ideas. We provide common activities for all apprentices, at all levels, because we believe that it is important to promote a feeling of common purpose across the different groups. The aim of our apprenticeship program is, on the one hand, to satisfy our long-term requirements for highly qualified personnel and, on the other hand, to give interested and motivated young people a sound career perspective. 

DEUTSCH – Miltenyi Biotec bietet anspruchsvolle und spannende Ausbildungsplätze in sieben verschiedenen Berufen. Dich erwartet eine praxisorientierte Ausbildung, bei der Du Verantwortung übernimmst und Deine eigenen Ideen einbringst. Wir bieten gemeinsame Aktivitäten für alle Auszubildenden, denn wir glauben, dass es wichtig ist, gemeinsam Dinge zu bewegen. Ziel unseres Ausbildungsprogramms ist es, einerseits unseren langfristigen Bedarf an hochqualifiziertem Personal zu decken und andererseits interessierten und motivierten jungen Menschen eine fundierte Berufsperspektive zu geben. 

Ausbildung in der Biomedizin bei Miltenyi Biotec