Automated tissue perfusion with gentleMACS™ Perfusion Technology

Perfusion is easier than ever with gentleMACS Perfusion Technology. This innovative technology runs on the well-established gentleMACS Octo Dissociator with Heaters. It allows the ex vivo perfusion of tissues using enzymes to subsequently generate viable-single cell suspensions using gentleMACS C Tubes and MACS SmartStrainers (100 μM). This approach can be used to extract viable hepatocytes from rodent liver in a convenient, easy to use, and automated way to get reproducible results. Say goodbye to tedious and complicated perfusion methods and bring the perfusion technology to your lab!

Liver perfusion - It's never been so easy 

We have solved all complications of traditional liver perfusion procedures. Be among the first to introduce this new perfusion procedure into your lab and start reaping the benefits of uncomplicated and automated liver perfusions.

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