MC CD34 Stem Cell Cocktail, human

MC CD34 Stem Cell Cocktail, human

MC Antibody Cocktails simplify the flow cytometric evaluation of cells separated by MACS® Technology. The MC CD34 Stem Cell Cocktail is designed for easy and rapid evaluation of MACS Cell Separations using either the CD34 MicroBead Kit, human, or the Indirect CD34 MicroBead Kit, human.

Background information

The antibodies included in the cocktail are optimized for separation control using the MACSQuant®Analyzer, enabling automated gating and analysis. Manual gating on other flow cytometers can also be performed easily. The MC CD34 Stem Cell Cocktail consists of CD34-PE and CD45-FITC antibodies to allow the optimal identification of human CD34
hematopoetic progenitor cells.
In addition, a CD45-VioBlue antibody is included as a trigger to restrict analysis to leukocytes. This antibody recognizes a different epitope from the CD45-FITC antibody. CD45-VioBlue requires the use of a violet laser.
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