MACSQuant® Columns


The MACSQuant® Columns are specifically designed for the use with the MACS® Cell Enrichment Unit, which is integrated into the MACSQuant Analyzers.
The MACSQuant Columns provide the ability to perform flow cytometric analysis of rare cell populations in a fraction of the time. Magnetically and fluorochrome labeled cells are pre-enriched in the MACSQuant Column when the magnet in the MACS Cell Enrichment Unit is activated immediately prior to cell analysis. The entire process of sample labeling, pre-enrichment and flow cytometry analysis is fully automated by the MACSQuantify™ Software.
Up to 5×10
magnetically labeled cells can be enriched and analyzed on the MACSQuant Analyzer in a single step. The MACSQuantify Software has special wash and elution programs to ensure the best purity and recovery of the magnetically labeled cell population. The MACSQuant Column can be used for up to 3 months before it needs to be replaced.
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CNY 13,254.00