MultiMACS™ X

MultiMACS™ X

The MultiMACS™ X is a high-throughput instrument for laboratories requiring fully automated processing of high sample numbers or sample volumes. Highly pure cells with excellent recoveries can be separated from 1 to 24 samples in parallel using Multi-24 Column Blocks or single columns.
The MultiMACS™ X is designed for the convenient execution of any positive or untouched isolation using MACS
Cell Separation Reagents, including MACS StraightFrom™ MicroBeads. Separations can be performed with the Multi-24 Column Block or with up to 12 LS, LD, or Whole Blood Columns in combination with the Single-Column Adapter. The instrument combines the benefits of the MultiMACS Cell24 Separator Plus technology and automated pipetting for walk-away high-throughput cell separation.
The MultiMACS X contains a strong permanent 24-well magnet that induces a high-gradient magnetic field within columns. The field is strong enough to retain cells labeled with even small amounts of MACS MicroBeads in the columns. After transfer of the columns to the Elution Chamber of the MACS Elution Station X magnetically labeled cells can be eluted from the columns via a small vacuum impulse.
The instrument is fully automated using a liquid handler for precise pipetting and reliable sample transfer. It also provides full run report at the end of a run, including sample tracking, separation reagent lot-numbers as well as optional integration of laboratory information management system (LIMS) for full documentation.

Automation meets cell separation - MultiMACS™ X

High-throughput cell separator for fully automated magnetic cell labeling and isolation.

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