Anti-MSCA-1 (W8B2) MicroBead Kit, human

Anti-MSCA-1 (W8B2) MicroBead Kit, human

The Anti-MSCA-1 (W8B2) MicroBead Kit, based on the antibody clone W8B2, was developed for the positive selection of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) with a high proliferative capacity, derived from bone marrow aspirates.

Background information

The Anti-MSCA-1 (W8B2) MicroBeads recognize the mesenchymal stromal cell antigen-1 (MSCA-1), which is identical to tissue non-specific alkaline phosphatase
MSCA-1 was shown to be restricted to MSCs in the CD271
population in human bone marrow
. These CD271
MSCs have a much higher clonogenic capacity compared to the CD271
fraction in bone marrow. Therefore, MSCA-1 is a highly specific marker to isolate MSCs with a high proliferative potential from bone marrow. MSCA-1 expression was not found on placenta-derived MSCs after culture
Antibodies against MSCA-1 show broad interspecies cross-reactivity, such as dog, pig, sheep, goat and monkey


MS, LS, XS, or autoMACS
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