Polarization of CD4+ T helper cells

Determine the fate of your T cells 

Starting from naïve CD4+ T cells polarization has never been easier using our human and mouse T cell culture products and step-by-step protocols.  

T cell media

All starts with the right choice of your T cell culture medium.  TexMACS™ is a serum-free, optimized T cell medium that creates the best conditions for a reliable and efficient TH (T helper) cell polarization.

T cell activation reagents 

T cells need to be activated for successful TH cell polarization. Our MACSiBead-based T Cell Activation/Expansion Kits, human or mouse are the ideal tool for reliable T cell activation. 

Polarizing cytokines and functional-grade antibodies 

For effective and efficient polarization of your TH cells the correct combination of cytokines and functional-grade antibodies is crucial. 
MACS® Premium-Grade Cytokines are provided with lot-specific activity in International Units (IU) to guarantee exact dosing and reproducible results.  

Polarization of mouse TH cells 

For polarization of mouse TH cells, our all-in-one CytoBoxes are a convenient and reliable solution to streamline your TH1, TH2 and TH17 polarization.