Marketing and Sales Jobs
at Miltenyi Biotec

Our team in Marketing and Sales accompanies each product throughout its lifetime: From the first ideas in R&D to the launch of a new product, sales, and post-sales costumer care. 

We provide the tools for scientists worldwide to shape the future of biomedical research and cell 
and gene therapy 

Our goal is to provide researchers with products that will enable them to succeed in their mission to translate from groundbreaking research to tackling unmet medical needs. 

In Marketing and Sales 
our products are in the center of attention

An assay, kit or instrument can only provide solutions to scientific questions, if researchers have the best possible access to the product. In our Sales and Marketing department highly qualified scientists and marketeers prepare product launches, design marketing materials, bring the product to our customers, train them on our instruments, help them tackle problems and even create customized solutions if necessary. 

Marketing and Sales is 
about creating the best possible customer experience

Our customers are researchers and clinicians worldwide. We want to make sure that we can provide the best care and experience before and after purchasing our products. That’s why we work in interdisciplinary teams and promote the dialog between various departments. As a member of our Sales and Marketing Team you combine your scientific background or interest with your creativity and business sense to help us in shaping our mission to make cancer history. 

Meet our Marketing and Sales Team

Watch this video and find out how our Sales and Marketing Team enables the progress of biomedical research. Meet one of our Product Managers and find out what inspires and drives her and her colleagues to work at Miltenyi Biotec.  

Benefits of working in Marketing and Sales 
at Miltenyi Biotec

As a member of our Marketing and Sales Department you will profit from the benefits we provide. Apart from being able to introduce your own ideas, working in a flexible environment and nurturing products that really make a difference, you will benefit from our training opportunities, corporate culture, work-life balance and social benefits. 

Our divisions in Marketing and Sales

Learn more about the different divisions in our marketing and sales department. Find out what drives each division and how they contribute to our mission “Make cancer history”.  Take a closer look at their daily work and find out which division you would like to join. 

Open Jobs in Marketing and Sales

Join us in shaping the future of biomedicine with your creativity, business sense and customer focus.