Customized Application Services

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  • Taking advantage of tailor-made solutions on the CliniMACS Prodigy®
  • Translation of manual protocols into an automated procedure in a closed system
  • Move your cell process towards pre-clinical and clinical studies
  • Workflow design control documentation provided

The Customized Application Service

Cell manufacturing processes are often complex and include manual or semi-automated steps across several devices. Standardization and reproducibility are crucial for GMP-compliant cell manufacturing. The CliniMACS Prodigy® is a stand-alone benchtop instrument that offers a variety of pre-installed, automated, and GMP-compliant cell manufacturing procedures, e.g., hematopoietic stem cell enrichment, generation of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells, and differentiation of monocyte-derived dendritic cells.

Customized Application (CAP) Service for the CliniMACS Prodigy Platform offers the translation of manual manufacturing processes into tailor-made, automated, GMP-compliant procedures. Our team of specialists configures and aligns predefined software modules in accordance with customer specifications. 


The CliniMACS Prodigy Customized Application Service

Join Dr. Peter Jähn and his webinar on the CliniMACS Prodigy Platform, including features, benefits, and workflow examples. The second part of the webinar focuses on the Customized Application (CAP) Service, which provides tailor-made, automated procedures for your specific cell manufacturing application. You may directly jump to the second part of the webinar by using the slide navigation on the lower part of the webinar window.

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