UltraMicroscope II

Light sheet microscopy for 3D imaging and analysis of entire biological systems

Light sheet fluorescence microscopy with the UltraMicroscope II enables you to visualize whole biological systems. Moving the sample through the light sheets allows the generation of sharp and bright 3D images. Whether imaging large tissue samples or even entire organs, you are equipped for the task at hand regardless of the clearing protocol and imaging solution being used.  
This light sheet microscope comes in two configurations: it can be fitted with either the Zoom Body Module for easy handling in a multi-user environment, or the Super Plan Module that can deliver never-before-seen image resolution and quality. The Super Plan Module is also available as an upgrade for your UltraMicroscope II.


User friendly

An intuitive design, short training time for new users, and minimal staff support requirements make this light sheet microscope the perfect tool for imaging facilities.

Easy adaptation

Apply any clearing protocol and make use of the automated refractive index compensation to maintain high image quality. 

High flexibility

Benefit from our objective lens series designed and optimized specifically for light sheet imaging. Our modular light sheet technology can be tailored to your needs.

From overview to cellular imaging

Explore cellular details in high resolution without losing sight of the big picture.

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UltraMicroscope II

3D imaging and analysis of entire biological systems

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