– TPE complete treatment set

Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) facilitates the unselective removal of pathogenic substances from the patient’s plasma. Such pathogens include paraproteins, autoantibodies, immune complexes, protein-bound toxins, and mediators of inflammation.
During TPE the plasma is separated from cellular blood components by the LIFE 21
apheresis unit. The plasma is discarded and replaced by substitution solutions. Usually, 1–1.5 times the patient’s plasma volume is exchanged in a session.


Sets are neither procedure packs nor convenience kits and are not CE-marked. Here, the term “set” simply denotes a single order number which, when used, will automatically generate a picking and shipping list of separately packed CE-marked devices for delivery to the customer. Sets are not contained in a common transport container and are not labeled as such.


Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) is a nonspecific and nonselective therapy for the removal of pathogenic substances from the plasma.
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