MACSmolecular columns and consumables

MACS® Columns and consumables – tailored formats for molecular biology

  • Specific magnetic isolation of even the rarest proteins
  • µ and M columns for manual isolation of small to large amounts of molecules
  • Multi-columns and filters for automated processing of large sample amount

µ and M Columns are used together with µMACS™ Microbeads or thermoMACS™ Separators and µMACS Kits for manual isolation of either small- or large scale isolation of biomolecule and viruses. Multi-8 Columns and Multi-96 Columns are employed for medium-throughput analytical-scale isolations in combination with MultiMACS™ M96/M96thermo Separators and MultiMACS™ Kits.

Benefit from flexible formats to isolate highly pure mRNA, nucleic acids, and proteins for immunoprecipitation, purification of DNA and RNA binding proteins, or analysis of protein interactions or molecular complexes.

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