TriM Scope™ Matrix
Multiphoton Microscope

Upright, inverted, and everything in between

Multiphoton microscopy is the method of choice when you want to observe cells in action deep in living tissue at subcellular resolution. Depending on what you want to find out, you have to look into the sample from above, below, or from the side. Some applications require a lot of space for sample support, stage-top incubators, or even virtual reality setups.

To facilitate your work, we have rethought the concept of upright and inverted configurations for multiphoton microscopy and developed a completely new microscope stand. With its open design, configurability, and 360° rotatable lens mount, the TriM Scope Matrix adapts to any experiment in intravital imaging and beyond.



Upright and inverted microscope in one device

Be prepared for all applications. Switching between upright and inverted is easier than ever before: Just turn the objective lens.

Lens tiltable towards the sample

Don’t want to reposition an elaborately prepared specimen? Simply move the tiltable objective lens into the desired position.

Deeper imaging in scattering tissue

The TriM Scope Matrix is proven for three-photon microscopy. Penetrate into living tissue with wavelengths up to 1750 nm.

Easy data acquisition

Control your experiments intuitively with ImSpector software and analyze your data already during acquisition.


Features and modules

Features that make a difference

Upright or inverted? The ideal stages for both orientations

With regard to the most common applications in immunology, immuno-oncology, and neurobiology, the TriM Scope Matrix features two types of stages, the Intravital Stage and the Compact Stage. This opens up different configuration options for optimal sample support during your intravital experiments.

Features and modules to watch immune cells at work

In research fields like immunology or immuno-oncology, the study of dynamic biological interactions related to tissue metabolism, angiogenesis, tissue remodeling, immunity, and inflammation is essential. Multiphoton microscopy shows what is happening in vivo in real time. Discover the features and add-on modules, making the TriM Scope Matrix a powerful tool to observe pathogenic processes and host responses within the living organism.

Features and modules to catch neurons in action

In order to fully understand both normal nervous function as well as diseases, the neural processes behind it need to be studied within the living tissue. Multiphoton microscopy helps scientists to understand neural networks, from single synapses to entire circuits, and how changes in the neural networks relate to behavior.  Learn about the TriM Scope Matrix's special features and optional modules that will support your challenges in neurobiology.


Not sure which features and modules you need?
Set up your individual configuration together with one of our multiphoton microscopy specialists.



The TriM Scope Matrix is not an off-the-shelf device. Due to its modular design and upgradability with special modules, it is our goal to provide you with the exact device for your needs. Find the specifications of all essential and optional features and modules here or download the TriM Scope Matrix brochure.



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TriM Scope™ Matrix
Multiphoton Microscope

Upright, inverted, and everything in between

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