CD56 MicroBeads, non-human primate

CD56 MicroBeads, non-human primate

CD56 MicroBeads have been developed for the separation of monocytes from rhesus monkey PBMCs.

Background information

CD56 is expressed on rhesus monkey monocytes.
CD56 is also expressed on a minor subset of CD8
NK cells, while the predominant majority of rhesus monkey NK cells does not express CD56.

Downstream applications

Non-human primate CD56 MicroBeads can be used for depletion of monocytes and a minor subset of CD56
rhesus monkey NK cells, e.g., prior to positive selection of CD16
NK cells using CD16 MicroBeads.


For positive selection: MS, LS, XS, or autoMACS
Columns. For depletion: LD, D, or autoMACS Columns.
  • Selected references

    1. Carter, D. L. et al. (1999)
      CD56 identifies monocytes and not natural killer cells in
      Rhesus macaques
      Cytometry 37: 41-50
    2. Webster, R. L. and Johnson, R. P. (2005) Delineation of multiple subpopulations of natural killer cells in rhesus macaques. Immunology 115: 206-214
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