CD15 MACSiBead Kit, human

CD15 MACSiBead Kit, human

The CD15 MACSiBead™ Kit has been developed for the enrichment of lymphocytes from human whole blood by depletion of CD15
cells, combined with the lysis of erythrocytes. The kit consists of CD15 MACSiBead Particles and Red Blood Cell Lysis Solution.

Background information

CD15 MACSiBead Particles are superparamagnetic beads of approximately 3.5 mm in diameter, coupled to CD15 antibodies.
Magnetic separation is performed using the MACSiMAG™ Separator.
Note: MACSiBead Particles are
suitable for separations using MACS Columns and MiniMACS™, MidiMACS™, VarioMACS™, SuperMACS™, or autoMACS® Separators.


The CD15 MACSiBead™ Kit has been developed for the quick enrichment of untouched lymphocytes from human whole blood for downstream applications that tolerate erythrocyte lysis and do not require the isolation of pure lymphocyte subsets. These applications include cell enumeration, ELISA, or ELISpot analyses. The enrichment of lymphocytes using the CD15 MACSiBead Kit does not require prior density gradient centrifugation.
The kit can also be used for efficient depletion of CD15
cells from cryopreserved or stored blood samples prior to PBMC preparation by density gradient centrifugation. Thus, the contamination with degranulated CD15
cells is minimized.
cells can also be depleted from fresh blood samples prior to cryopreservation.
Product options: 1
for 50
mL whole blood
CHF  725.00

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