Pan B Cell Isolation Kit, mouse

Pan B Cell Isolation Kit, mouse

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The Pan B Cell Isolation Kit was developed for the fast and efficient isolation of untouched murine B-1 and B-2 B cell subsets from single-cell suspensions of lymphoid tissues.

Detailed separation procedure

For isolation of target cells, non-B cells are labeled with a cocktail of biotinylated CD4, CD11c, CD49b, CD90.2, Gr-1, and Ter-119 antibodies. These cells are subsequently magnetically labeled with Anti-Biotin MicroBeads. Highly pure B cells are obtained by depletion of the magnetically labeled cells. The kit does not contain CD43 or CD11b in the depletion cocktail which might be expressed on some malignant target cells. It is therefore perfectly suited to be used for isolation of B cells from different mouse models for human diseases, e.g. B cells from B-CLL mouse models.

Downstream applications

The Pan B Cell Isolation Kit can be used for studies on B cells from normal or tumor cell-containing samples. It is suitable for studies on signal requirements for B cell activation, induction of proliferation, and differentiation. Further applications include studies on signal transduction, immunoglobulin class switching and somatic hypermutation in B cells.


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