Mouse MIP-3β

Mouse MIP-3β

MIP-3β stands for macrophage inflammatory protein 3β, also termed CCL19. Mouse MIP-3β is a recombinant protein optimized for use in cell culture, differentiation studies, and functional assays.


Mouse CCL19 (MIP-3β) can be used for a variety of applications, including:
  • Study of lymphoid an myeloid cell migration via chemotactic assays.
  • Maturation of dendritic cells and induction of T cell proliferation.

Alternative names

CCL19, ELC, Exodus 3

Background information

MIP-3β belongs to the CC chemokine family and is also known as CCL19. MIP-3β is expressed in the thymus, lymph nodes, and in activated bone marrow stromal cells and signals through the CCR7 receptor. MIP-3β is a chemoattractant for T and B lymphocytes and myeloid progenitor cells.

Quality description

cytokines are suitable for a wide variety of cell culture applications. They are sterile-filtered prior to lyophilization. Generally, endotoxin levels are <0.1 ng/μg (<1 EU/μg), and purities are >95%. The biological activity is tested in appropriate bioassays.

Biological activity

  • Chemotaxis of human mature dendritic cells
  • research grade: ≥ 1×
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E. coli
5 µg
CHF  77.00
E. coli
20 µg
CHF  267.00
E. coli
100 µg
CHF  881.00