Optimized expansion and activation of natural killer (NK) cells

  • Superior natural killer (NK) cell expansion*
  • Xeno-free formulation
  • Minimal growth of unwanted cells like B cells, T cells, and DCs
* Supplementation with serum or autologous plasma necessary

NK MACS® Medium

NK MACS® Medium is the perfect solution for NK cell culture and expansion from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) or isolated NK cells. The chemically defined, xeno-free composition ensures reproducible results. Expanded NK cells are fully functional and can be used in any downstream application, e.g., killing assays. When starting the expansion from PBMCs, growth and expansion of unwanted cells (T cells, NKT cells) is minimal.

Superior expansion of NK cells in NK MACS Medium compared to standard culture methods.
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NK cell expansion starting with PBMCs

NK cells can be expanded using PBMCs or NK cells isolated from whole blood, buffy coat or PBMCs as starting material. Using NK MACS®Medium results in three-fold higher NK cell expansion rates as compared to a competitor medium or TexMACS™ Medium (T cell medium).

NK MACS Medium favors NK cell growth and limits the growth of unwanted cells.
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Frequency of NK, NKT, and T cells after 14-day culture, starting with PBMCs

When PBMCs are used as starting material, NK MACS Medium favors NK cell growth as compared to competitor mediums or TexMACS (T cell medium). Its defined composition limits growth of unwanted T cells, NKT cells, B cells, and DCs.



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