Recombinant antibodies for flow cytometry

Recombinant antibodies are derived from a defined set of genes, and the production process is highly standardized. This means they are consistent in their structure and performance, leading to reproducible results. Since the gene sequence of a recombinant antibody is known, it is easy to modify the sequence to improve the properties of the antibody.  

Take the teeth out of the reproducibility crisis with our range of proprietary antibodies, including REAfinity, REAlease, and REAdye_lease reagents, which are optimized for flow cytometry, flow sorting, and imaging applications, respectively. Each technology offers the benefit of high reproducibility and error-free analysis, with unique features suited for their respective applications.  

What makes recombinant antibodies better than conventional hybridoma-derived antibodies?

   We asked six flow cytometry experts to share their opinions and experiences with us. 

Watch the video and find out what they said.

Further information on MACS Recombinant Antibodies

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