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Working with antigen-specific T cells in Immuno-Oncology

Analysis of antigen-specific T cells is essential for the understanding of fundamental immunological processes in the context of immuno-oncology (IO), infectious diseases, autoimmunity as well as immune tolerance.  
In immuno-oncology they facilitate discovery of neo-antigens, but are also viewed as important immunotherapy effectors. In this context, their ability, to recognize and kill cancer cells make them an ideal target for IO research.   

However,  working with antigen-specific T cells poses several challenges to researchers. Especially their low frequencies as rare cell population often hampers a reliable analysis. Specificity, inflammatory environment, subtype as well as detection limit and background are determining factors and thus require optimized procedures in order to facilitate a successful experiment. 

Miltenyi Biotec offers a complete research workflow to enable rare cell analysis of antigen-specific T cells: 

Highlight: GMP-compliant cell sorting of antigen-specific T cells in clinical settings 

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Clinical phase II trail  as application example for the treatment of melanoma (collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Research Institute, Texas): Immunomagnetic cell depletion of CD25+ non-target cells (on CliniMACS Prodigy) and  antigen-specific (MART-1) stimulation and expansion of T cells, followed by multiparametric cell sorting to high purity (on MACSQuant Tyto). 

Discover the complete workflow: antigen-specific T cell stimulation, enrichment, and analysis.

Find application data and detailed protocols for each step of your antigen-specific T cell workflow.

Applications, products, and protocols for antigen-specific T cells

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