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Innovative solutions to advance your CAR T cell research 

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell-based therapies use genetically engineered T cells to specifically target tumor cells. This innovative therapeutic approach excites the research community and can offer a novel approach to cancer therapy.  

CAR T cells are generated from patient-derived T cells (autologous) or from healthy donors (allogenic). After enrichment and genetic modification T cells are expanded ex vivo and reinfused into the patient where the CAR T cells bind to the specific surface antigen and kill the tumor cell.  

To develop CAR T cell therapies, it is necessary to include research of:  

  • Identification of novel CAR T cell targets
  • Identification of the best starting cell subsets for superior CAR T cell functionality (α/β T cells, γ/δ T cells, etc.)
  • Improvement of safety (switchable CARs, suicide CARs, transient expression systems, etc.)
  • Improvement of specificity (affinity-tuned, tandem CARs, etc.)
  • Improvement of efficacy (combined therapies, armored CARs, etc.)
  • Verification of novel CAR T cells in several mouse models

Our goal is it to support you at every step of your workflow to simplify the translation of your research workflow using RUO products into GMP manufacturing using the CliniMACS Prodigy® in combination with MACS® GMP reagents.  This approach reduces expenditures and time by minimizing process re-development and re-optimization, thereby streamlining the process for optimal efficiency. 

Our innovative research solutions include isolation of the best-performing T cell subtypes using MACS® Technology, reliable activation of T cells using T Cell TransAct™, efficient gene delivery and expansion methods to obtain fully functional CAR T cells, reliable and reproducible in process control (IPC) and quality control (QC) to monitor the CAR T cell manufacturing process, e.g., by flow cytometric surface marker analysis or cytokine profiling. 

Benefit from our expertise and learn how we can support all of your CAR T cell research needs.

Find application data and detailed protocols for each step of our CAR T cell research workflow.

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