Flow cytometry immunophenotyping with pre-tested antibody panels

Precise identification and analysis of the target cell population is crucial for successful flow cytometry immunophenotyping. We have all been there. A poorly designed antibody panel can ruin your data and you might have to start the whole experiment from scratch. It is difficult, however, to engineer the best combination of markers and dyes entirely by yourself.  

This is why Miltenyi Biotec has developed pre-tested antibody panels (MBTPs) that allow for easy and accurate flow cytometry analysis. To ensure reliable and reproducible results, the panels are validated by our in-house experts and their quality is frequently confirmed by customers. 

MBTPs provide you with a straight-forward gating strategy, staining protocols, and a list of all important reagents and materials.

Application note
Antibody panel building guide

To obtain meaningful data in multicolor flow cytometry, it is important to keep certain parameters in mind when creating the antibody panel. 

This guideline describes the basic workflow and provides some rules for designing and validating complex antibody panels.

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