microRNA research

Highly specific microRNA expression profiling analysis

  • Specific discrimination between closely related microRNA
  • Sensitive profiling of microRNA down to 0.5 amol
  • Expert coverage with 2100 microRNA sequences matching the miRBase sequence database

The miRXplore Microarrays Kits for microRNA expression profiling were developed and validated in close cooperation with leading microRNA research scientists at the Rockefeller University. The miRXplore Microarrays contain human, mouse, rat, and viral microRNA sequences and ensure highly specific binding due to the thorough, single-nucleotide testing of the individual microRNA sequence. We also provide researchers with extensive positive, negative, and calibration controls for monitoring of experimental steps and normalization. The miRXplore Universal Reference is a reliable, comprehensive microRNA reference tool to ensure the reliability and reproducibility of your microRNA experiment.
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