Cell preparation using MACS® SmartStrainers and Pre-Separation Filters

  • MACS® SmartStrainers: removal of cell aggregates after tissue dissociation 
  • Pre-Separation Filters: removal of cell clumps prior to cell separation and analysis

Cell preparation is one of the most important tasks when doing an experiment. Use MACS SmartStrainers and Pre-Separation Filters to remove unwanted material, such as cell aggregates, to avoid interfering effects on downstream applications.

MACS® SmartStrainers 

MACS SmartStrainers
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These cell strainers are designed for the easy removal of cell aggregates or large particles after tissue dissociation or from blood samples to obtain uniform single-cell suspensions.

Improved ventilation during filtration, avoids clogging of the strainers 

Fit into standard 15 mL and 50 mL conical tubes

Stackable to allow filtration with decreasing mesh sizes in one go



Pre-Separation Filters

Pre-Separation Filters
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These filters are designed for the easy removal of cell aggregates or large particles from single-cell suspensions. These filters ensure effective magnetic or fluorescent cell labeling, and thus optimal flow within cell separation columns and flow cytometer. 

Ensure effective magnetic or fluorescent labeling by removing unwanted particles

Pre-Separation Filters fit onto MACS MS, LS, LD, CS, Large Cell, and Whole Blood Columns

Fit into tubes with a capacity of 5 mL and 13–15 mL


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