Magnetic enrichment of transfected cells

  • Time-saving: avoid stable cell transfection and antibiotic selectio
  • Efficient: 50-fold enrichment of transfected cells significantly increases the sensitivity of downstream analyse
  • Versatile: compatible with virtually any transfection method
The MACSelect™ System utilizes transiently expressed cell surface molecules to enrich transfected cells. Three different cell surface markers are available: human CD4, mouse MHC class I molecule H-2Kk, and human low-affinity nerve growth factor receptor LNGFR, making the system compatible with any cell type. Cells are transfected with one of the MACSelect™ Vectors encoding the marker of choice. Subsequently, cells are magnetically labeled with MicroBeads specific for the respective surface molecule and separated from non-transfected cells. The system is complemented by MACSelect™ Antibodies to facilitate quality control of transfection and enrichment.