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MACSQuantify™ Software

  • Express Mode software add-ons for operator-free staining, acquisition, and analysis workflows
  • Smart Gain technology for standardized PMT calibration across devices
  • Compliance with FDA regulations on electronic records and signatures (21 CFR Part 11)

MACSQuantify™ Software is the flow cytometry software that powers automation. Its built-in features and optional add-ons allow users to achieve a higher degree of standardization in their sample acquisition and data analysis workflows.

Software versions

MACSQuantfiy 2.13 (released May 2019)

With MACSQuantify Software version 2.13, we introduce our new Smart Gain technology to the entire family of MACSQuant® Analyzer flow cytometers. This new technology standardizes PMT calibrations across multiple devices and helps users gain more comparable and robust data. Regardless of the instrument´s location or operator.

MACSQuantify 2.11 (released March 2019)

MACSQuantify Software version 2.11 provides unique access to the following exclusive Express Mode packages:

  • CD19 CAR T Cell Express Mode
  • Virus-Specific T Cell CCS Express Mode
  • TCRαβ/CD45RA Express Mode

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