Flow  cytometry software automation with Express Mode tools

  • Fully automated analysis of flow cytometry data
  • Standardized analysis based on mathematics
  • Reproducible results due to lack of human error

What are Express Modes?

Express Modes are unique add-on features for the MACSQuantify™ Software. Developed to simplify flow cytometric analyses, they provide full software automation via predefined experiment settings, acquisition, and automated analysis. 

Gating parameters are automatically adjusted for each data file in order to achieve optimal results. Using Express Modes not only simplifies flow cytometric analyses but also minimizes human error and therefore ensures reproducible data analysis.

Types of Express Modes

Types of Express Modes

Included Express Modes

The standard MACSQuantify Software that comes with our MACSQuant Analyzer flow cytometers, includes a number of Express Modes. They can be used with the indicated kits and reagents.

Overview of included Express Modes

Express ModeReagents/kits used
CountPropidium Iodide Solution
Live cell discriminationLive Cell Discrimination Kit
MACS Control CD14 humanMC CD14 Monocyte Cocktail, human
MACS Control CD34 humanMC CD34 Stem Cell Cocktail, human
Rapid Cytokine Inspector CD4/CD8 humanRapid Cytokine Inspector (CD4/CD8 T Cell) Kit, human
Rapid Cytokine Inspector CD4 humanRapid Cytokine Inspector (CD4 T Cell) Kit, human
Rapid Cytokine Inspector CD8 humanRapid Cytokine Inspector (CD8 T Cell) Kit, human
Immunophenotyping 7 color human7-Color Immunophenotyping Kit, human
Immunophenotyping 8 color human8-Color Immunophenotyping Kit, human
MACS Control CD34/CD133 humanMC CD34/CD133 Stem Cell Cocktail, human
EPC Enrichment Enumeration humanEPC Enrichment and Enumeration Kit, human
MACSPlex StandardMACSPlex Cytokine 12 Kit, human
MACSPlex Cytokine 10 Kit, mouse
MACSPlex Custom Cytokine, human
MACSPlex Custom Cytokine, mouse
MACSPlex SampleMACSPlex Cytokine 12 Kit, human
MACSPlex Cytokine 10 Kit, mouse
MACSPlex Custom Cytokine, human
MACSPlex Custom Cytokine, mouse
Exemplary analysis and results using a MACSPlex Kit in combination with the respective Express Mode analysis tool
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Express Mode analysis in combination with MACSPlex Kits

When using the MACSQuant Analyzer 10 or MACSQuant X, our MACSplex Kits can be combined with fully automated Express Modes. 

By this, an automated gating strategy to populations of interest will be applied and the gates will be automatically adjusted for each data file individually to achieve optimal results. 

Furthermore, a one-click batch analysis of all samples belonging to one experiment can be performed to directly compare your data. The concentrations of each analyte will be presented as an exportale table as well as a ready-to-publish graph.

Add-on Express Mode packages

For some applications, we have developed add-on Express Mode packages, which can be purchased separately. These Express Modes contain application-dependent templates that are based on a significant amount of real data, including up to 1,100 datasets for a given application. They contain verified gating ranges that are derived from distinct algorithms for the application-specific distributions. Automated adjustments for each individual data file allow for optimal analysis without the variability introduced by manual intervention. This data analysis provides consistent results and robust analyses that are easily integrated into standardized operating procedures.

Here is a list of available options:

Custom Express Mode development

If your application is not included in our Express Modes packages, we also offer a custom Express Mode service. Custom Express Modes are developed specifically for your workflow and are optimized to fulfill your individual flow cytometry software automation needs. They can cover automated acquisition and analysis with custom statistics tables and export of reports in various file formats.

Find more information on customized Express Modes.


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Express Modes – Reliable data at the push of a button

Learn about our unique Express Mode software tools and find out how they can help you standardize your flow cytometry analyses.

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User manual
MACSQuantify Software

Find detailed information in the MACSQuantify Software user guide.

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