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New with Flowlogic 7.3

New featureAdvantage
30% enhanced processing speed FCS and MQD file handling has been re-designed for outstanding perfomance to support high-throughput screening of large datasets, such as with the MACSQuant® X. 
New web-based user management systemLicenses can now be remotely managed and released via the web. This becomes useful when individual licenses are used on multiple computers.
Proliferation analysis A first generation gate for all samples or a selection of samples in a folder can now be set manually.
Complogic™Auto-compensation executes an automatic gating on the FSC-A vs SCA-A bead or cell population with highest density. Subsequent histogram markers auto-detect positive and negative peaks. 
Indexlogic™Flowlogic can display data from single cell sorts performed on the BD FACSAria™. They are displayed as index sorts in Platelogic™, with the corresponding plate position reflecting the ‘Well ID’. 
Graphlogic™Selecting a single cell in the worksheet now highlights the corresponding file and experiment folder in the file inspector/navigator.
MQD volumetric statisticsVolumetric statistics can now be calculated and displayed in cells/mL and cells/µL for MQD files. 
Splitting of grouped MQD filesFlowlogic can split MQD files that were grouped in the MACSQuantify™ Software and display the individual files.
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