T cell culture media for research and GMP applications

TexMACS™ Medium for research or clinical applications

TexMACS Medium is an optimized, serum-free cell culture medium specifically developed for the cultivation and expansion of human and mouse T cells and regulatory T (Treg) cells. Chemically defined and manufactured without animal-derived components, it allows for highly reproducible results in human and mouse culture applications. Some of its features include:

  • Free of serum and animal-derived components
  • High expansion rates
  • Reliable T cell activation
  • Up to MACS® GMP Grade
  • Available with or without phenol red

GMP-grade T cell culture

Miltenyi Biotec is a trusted manufacturer of MACS GMP Products with 14 years of production experience. Based on this long-standing background, we have developed TexMACS GMP Medium, a high-performance T cell expansion medium manufactured according to relevant GMP guidelines. It provides:

  • High lot-to-lot consistency and extensive documentation
  • Optimized for T cell and Treg cell applications
  • Optimal performance in the CliniMACS Prodigy® T Cell Transduction Process
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The CliniMACS Prodigy T Cell Transduction Process

With the CliniMACS Prodigy T Cell Transduction Process you can now generate gene-modified T cells in a simple and fully automated fashion. Easy to use, this unique process will surely change the way you work. 

High-performance ex vivo cultivation and expansion of T and Treg cells

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Polyclonal activation and expansion of human T cells

Comparison of expansion rates of human T cells with TexMACS Medium, a competitor product, and serum-containing basal medium (RPMI + 10% FBS) after 14 days of expansion using the T Cell Activation/Expansion Kit, human.

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Spotlight on T cells

Join Dr. Anne Richter and her webinar on new developments for translational and basic T cell research, including workflows for mouse CD4+ helper cell differentiation, human T regulatory cells, and flow cytometric tools for sensitive and rare cell analysis.

T cell cultivation methods

Research applications using TexMACS Medium:

Clinical applications using TexMACS GMP Medium:

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